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On many of the wonderful Beatle and George sites out there
each have their own tribute to George, and say about how
they found out about George's passing. This re-creation of a
Newspaper headline advert that I saw when I was in Edinburgh
Scotland, is in fact how I found out George had passed. It was
quite a shock to me really when I first noticed it, and immediately
snuck it out from behind the metal grate that held it in, and then
went and Got the newspaper in which it was mentioned in.

Memorial sites


My little make shift tribute to George at the Vigil at Abbey Road in London.

All the flowers in dedication to George Harrison at the entrance to 
the famous Abbey Road Studios.

The famous Abbey Road wall, with all of it's messages on the walls,
now serving as a memorial site for George.


The book of Condolences that was on display
at Liverpool's Town Hall, for those to come by
   and give their thoughts or memories on George.

In side the Cavern Walks in Liverpool.

Los Angeles

Hollywood Walk of Fame

©2001 Mike Moser

In memoriam: George Harrison

Please put any memories
or stories you may have
about George in the
book of condolences.



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