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About me...

My name is Liz, I'm twenty eight, and am currently working a Princess Cruises for the past 3 years. My hobbies are playing on the computer, hanging out with friends,listening to music or working on my web site and traveling.
For one of my computer classes I was assigned to change an event in history, or in your life. So I decided to alter my history, in saying that I was this girl from the 60's and had won a date with George Harrison, and that we had such a good time that we continued to see each other through out the 60's and so on. Sounded simple enough, but I had to make it believable so I changed a few pictures. The first picture is of our first date, the second one is the magazine article on the contest winner. The next two pictures show how the relationship kept going long after the contest. Where this girl would even fill in for Pattie if she wasn't able to make it to an event. And finally how these two were friends even after the Beatles split up.

On occasion I also like to draw the Beatles and especially George Harrison. Usually most of the drawings I do of either the Beatles or George usually are off of photographs that I either like, or would be interesting to try to draw. One of the first photos that I wanted to try was of the photograph of George taken by Jurgen Vollmer during the Beatles first trip to Hamburg when George was only 17.

Two of my drawings were done about two years ago. One was for a mothers day card project one
was for my Art class the other for my Spanish class. So I decided to put the two in one and I came up with this drawing below. My third and most recent drawing was off of a photograph by Robert Freeman. It was from the Rubber Soul photo sessions. What initially attracted me to this particular image was the way it was filtered. It looked so mystical. Also I thought that it would be interesting to try and draw. When I had taken it to Liverpool two summers ago for their annual Beatlesweek.  I thought I had read that their convention day had a art contest similar to the one that we have in America. Since this art contest was a one artist show, I needed to have it held at the hotel so that it wouldn't get lost or get ruined. At the end of the day, I went to take it back to our hotel room and packed it up. As I was leaving the Adelphi (the hotel that the convention was being held). I met a couple other George fans who also like to draw him. The saw my drawing and examined it, noticing how well done his eyes, nose, and entire face was. It was very challenging for me because I'd never had one of my drawings that closely examined by other fans with the similar hobby. This drawing was also used in my High School's Literary Magazine, called The Centinel. It had very little in common to some of the other drawings that were submitted to the magazine, but it was accepted because of how well done it was.

My other favorite thing to do is travel. I just love going from place to place seeing new things and people. In the summer of 1997 my parents and I took a three week trip to England. Well after four years of hard work and improving GPA I am finally able to back to England. It's through this abroad program that is available through my college. I'll get to stay there for an entire semester approx 4-5 months. I plan to go a bit early and go to the annual Beatlesweek festival at the end of August. Then I'll catch a train back down to London, to start the exchange program. While I am there in England/London I hope meet up with a few of the friends I have now like Richard and Kerry. I would like to thank new friend Jim Davey who was generous enough in helping me with re-designing this site. As well as make some new ones. I am so excited, I can hardly wait to go. Well that is about all for now.

I've been back from my semester abroad for about six months now, I hadn't had a chance to up date this page, but have been busy with other areas of this site. Before the semester started the group I was with called AIFS took us on a pre-tour of Europe, we went from Amsterdam, to Brussels and finally Paris, before heading back home to London to start the new term. I liked Paris most of the three cities, because it was a little easier to get around I thought, also because I met up with my parents, whom I wasn't going to see again till the end of the term which was in December. During our trip from Brussels to Paris we had stopped at a rest stop just out side the city of Paris, and we were just about to get back on the bus when this British truck driving pulled us a side asked us if were American's and we said yes. He then said well you should listen to this. That was went we first heard about 9-11 it was pretty trippy.  There was another trip that I had signed up for which occurred during the mid semester break in late October, where we went to Prague. That was a very interesting There were three distinct parts of the main town of Prague, there was the old town area, the little bits of what was left of communism, and the newer parts which were just like any other modern major city. Another major event that happened while I was in Europe at least for me was the passing of George Harrison. I will never forget how I found out, and where I was. Over all my time in England was wonderful, especially in Liverpool. I'm now saving my money so that I can hopefully go back next summer. Well see how that turns out.

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