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All of the movies listed below.
George has had some involvement with
As part of the Beatles

(Click on a title to see pics from that movie)

This was the Beatles first movie. I had been filmed in color
but it was decided to make it black and white, to make it
look authentic. One of the best things about this movie is that
you get to find out the personality of each of the Beatles
separately. For George it showed that he is very to the point
and tells how he feels or thinks about something openly.

Help unlike A Hard Days Night was shown in
Color. Now the Beatles being out in public eye
constantly there isn't so much of a need to find out
everything about them. The theme of Help is done in more
of a silly 60's adventure, thrill movie. Even though George
doesn't have a particular role, he does do little things
either in the background or off the side. Next time
you watch this movie, you might just want to check
out what's happening in the background.

 Magical Mystery Tour was the Beatles
fourth film and their first venture with out
the aid of Brian Epstein whom had passed away
earlier that year. Released on Boxing day (Dec. 26 1967)
in Black and White. Though it was considered a "flop"
it has since been loved by many Beatles fans whom have

since seen it properly in color, for it's pre-Monty pythonesque 
style and sense of humor. As well as it's the only place
you can see the music videos of 
I'm the Walrus,
Fool On the Hill,
and Blue Jay Way. 


Yellow Submarine was the Beatles first and only
cartoon movie, also one of the few projects the
Beatles had almost no involvement with.
This movie shows that you the Beatles aren't
just for teenagers, they are also for children to
enjoy as well.
Now nearly 30 years after it was originally released
Yellow Submarine sails again into the hearts, eyes,
and ears of a new generation of Beatle fans.
Now with the new age of technology the Yellow Submarine
can be heard, and seen better and brighter before. On
media that was only invented only with in the last 10
to 20 years. Also with much more involvement by the Beatles

Let It Be is considered a documentary on how the
Beatles broke up. It portrays them in some happy, 

and some not so happy moments, and also in some that are a
bit more on the lighter side. The two main things
that make this film worth watching is that it shows them
recording their last two albums Abbey Road, and Let It Be.
It is also has the last time all four Beatles perform live together.

The Beatles Anthology, a concept that for 25
years seem very unlikely to happen. After John Lennon
was shot nearly 19 years ago, it became something that
seemed to be completely out of the question. In 1994
Paul received two unfinished songs that John had
been working on before he died. For near one and
a half years Paul, George and Ringo worked together
for the first time in many years. It is the closest they've
come to a Beatles reunion. With the Anthology Paul,
George and Ringo were able to prove that the Beatles
are still one of the greatest bands in music history.


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