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This discography contains information on all of
George's solo work, from the psychedelic sounds of Wonderwall,
to his last studio album Brainwashed, which he had completed.
just months before he passed on. As well as the Concert for
George in his honor, the Dark Horse Box set. Over the past
few years, there have been a number of re-releases of George's
albums, including the Concert for Bangladesh, and Living in the
Material World. Even a re-release of the Traveling Wilbury's, which
sold out so quickly they had to reissue it.

wonderwall cover Electronic Sound album cover All Things Must Pass album cover

Concert for Bangladesh album cover

Living in the Material World album cover

Dark Horse album cover
Extra Texture album cover bestofgeorge 33 & 1/3 album cover
George Harrison album cover Somewhere in England album cover
Cloud Nine album cover Best of Dark Horse album cover Live in Japan album cover
Traveling Wilburies covers Vol. 1 &3 Traveling Wilbury's album covers Vol. 1 & 3 Brainwashed cover
Concert for George coverContents of Dark Horse Years box
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